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All the prices displayed in SiberGold online store include a 20% VAT.
How to order?
You can make a purchase in SiberGold online store in two ways:
Pay as a guest – your order will be prepared as a one-time purchase and the information will be stored just for this particular purchase.
Register as a customer – your data will be stored in the database, and when making purchases in the future, the order preparation process will be faster and easier as your data has already been entered in the address book as you have specified it. As a registered customer, you can also track the status and history of your order and make changes in your customer account if necessary.
– To make a purchase, select the goods of your choice and add them to the shopping cart. Then you can continue to select other goods by clicking the button “Continue shopping” or start to complete the purchase in the cart. You can change the amount of ordered goods in the shopping cart or remove goods from there.
– When you are sure that you do not want to add any other goods to the cart, continue to the stage of completing the purchase by clicking the button “Buy now”.
– On the page “Make a purchase", check that all the data is presented properly in your order.
– Then select the wanted payment option. If you select a bank link or credit card payment, you will be immediately channelled to the bank for making payment. After the payment, the purchase is considered to have been completed and a confirmation including delivery information will be sent to your e-mail address you have specified. After completing the payment order, do not forget to click the “Return to merchant” button.
Payment options
You can securely pay for your orders via bank links:
The payment is made in the secure payment environment of a bank or service provider outside SiberGold online store. Therefore, SiberGold online store does not have access to the customer’s bank or credit card data.
After completing the payment order, do not forget to click the “Return to merchant” button.
All orders are shipped within at least 1-2 business days as of completing the order. However, if it appears that shipping is not possible for some reasons, we will immediately notify you by e-mail. The delivery times specified on the homepage are default times, and we cannot always guarantee delivery within the specified period as the final delivery time eventually depends on our transport partners.
Security and data protection
Any personal data related to visiting our online store and making purchases, which becomes known to us, is treated as confidential. We collect and use only such customer's data that is required for fulfilling the orders and managing customer relations. We do not disclose data of our customers to unauthorised persons unless it is required for fulfilling orders or required by law. If the customer wishes so, he or she has the right to request that his or her data be deleted from the database of our online store.
The security of paying via the bank links is protected by SSL technology, which ensures that unauthorised persons cannot listen to or change the data transmitted.
The data you have specified will not fall into the wrong hands, and neither will we learn about your credit card data.
We wish you carefree shopping!